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We design & develop high quality mock test series to help GATE aspirants.

Designing the Best Online Assessment Platform for GATE Aspirants.

We live in the age where the most important factor for progress is knowledge through competitive education. GyanPal.com equips you with the expertise that is required in helping you realize your professional goals. We at GyanPal.com believe in the equitable distribution of educational resources for those who wish to pursue their dreams. GyanPal.com is a platform that allows you to unleash your potential and transform your dreams into reality by facilitating confluence of opportunity and luck.

So friends be a part of this renaissance in education, where we stand together as one for all and all for one, in pursuit of academic excellence.

We encourage you to register yourself for the complete online assessment module on GATE test series. And believe it or not it all comes for free!! Yes you read it right, no registration fees, no handling charges and no burden.

Having said this, we expect you to prepare well for GATE before taking our tests. It will not only give your an opportunity to assess your potential, but will also give you an idea about where you stand in the crowd.

All the best!

  • Computer Science and Information Technology

    31 TestsTopicwise:26; Full Length:5

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

    25 TestsTopicwise:20; Full Length:5

  • Electrical Engineering

    25 TestsTopicwise:20; Full Length:5

  • Instrumentation Engineering

    25 TestsTopicwise:20; Full Length:5

  • Mechanical Engineering

    31 TestsTopicwise:26; Full Length:5

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Our Team
Check our awesome team memebers who always work hard to provide you the best possible test experience.

Deepak Pal
Deepak Pal (NITIE)

The passion to make education free and readily available for all, motivated me to create GyanPal. In this internet savvy world, education should be taken at our own discretion and not through traditional classrooms.

I joined prestigious PGDIE program at NITIE above the post graduation offer from IIT Kanpur.

Christine (IPEC)
Content Manager

I belong to the league of adventerous and rebellious humans. I believe in creating miracles. The desire to create a positive impact on the world is what keeps me going on.

Education for all, Education for free is my motto. Creativity is my coffee and sugar for life.

Avinash Kumar Chaurasia
Avinash Kumar Chaurasia (IITK)
Technical Head

I love playing games, both indoor and outdoor. Due to my utter laziness, I mostly settle with computer games. I love watching animes (japanese cartoons) and even writing one of my own.

Some of the most inspirational technocrats for me, are Sir Dennis Ritchie, Linus Torvaldus and Sir Nikola tesla.

Harshal Thakare
Harshal Thakare (NITIE)

Passion to create value and positive difference in society is a main driving force for me. Coming from a rural background and experiencing state of education around, it has always been my dream to share knowledge for free.

NITIE and COEP were the right platform to gain techno- managerial skills and GyanPal is a sweet fruit of all the learning’s.