What's new in GATE-2016?

This year the overall co-ordination and responsibility for conducting GATE 2016 lies with Indian Institute of Science (IISC) which is designated as the Organizing Institute for GATE 2016.

GATE 2016 examinations will be held during forenoon and afternoon sessions on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) between 30th January 2016 and 7th February 2016. Some of the papers in GATE 2016 will be held in multiple sessions.

New in GATE-2016

Every year you expect something new in GATE exams, be it in the pattern or eligibility. Let's see what GATE-2016 has for us this year:

  • This time you won’t be allowed to carry a physical calculator. An online virtual calculator will be available to examinees at the time of examination.The online virtual calculator will be put on GATE 2016 website for practice before the examination.


  • After completion of GATE 2016 examination, all answer keys will be made available for dispute …

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Can GATE score take you abroad?

You must be wondering where else your GATE score can take you besides IIT's, IIS's, NIT's or recruitment to certain public sector companies.

The good news is on the basis of GATE results you not only can apply in India but in some good universities abroad.

When I was staying in IIT Kanpur I was amazed to know that GATE score can also be used for admission in to certain Universities in Singapore and Germany.

Two universities which are world class university based on survey are National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU) where GATE score can be used for admission to PG program. Some programs at NUS and NTU are very competitive and comparable to the world’s best Universities.

The last date of application to these two Universities is not synchronized to GATE exam. The last date of admission in NUS is mid Nov each year for AUG intake and …

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Free calls without internet

Keeping in touch is really expensive! You wish you could talk for hours but instead you find excuses to hang up before your phone bill breaks the bank.

Apps which offer cheap calling require internet connectivity and are not as good as phone calls. Well it doesn’t have to be like that because with Ringo you can make high quality calls to a phone located anywhere. No internet or mobile data plans are required.


So lets see how Ringo does it. Ringo assigns a local number for each of your international contacts. When you make a call Ringo automatically converts your international call to a local call into your country. You can call for hours without worrying about expenses of internet or quality of the call. Ringo is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. Download the app from  Read More

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