Amazing 2nd year at NITIE

The Amazing 2nd year at NITIE

Time just flies! It was only 2 years back :P when I joined NITIE and now the time has come to bid adieu to this beautifuuuul place.

The journey at NITIE has been amazing. Right from learning the basics of Management to witnessing intense competition to being more dynamic, I have experienced everything.

Life has changed. The perspective to look at things has changed.

For those who missed my blog on 1st year at NITIE, do read it before proceeding further: Well begun is half done – 1st Year at NITIE

Here goes the fairy tale of the amazing 2nd year at NITIE:

After spending 2 months at London & working  smart during my internship, I came back to India expecting to …

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Should I drop a year for GATE?

Whenever one gets low GATE score, a question pops up in mind, whether to drop a year to give it another shot or to apply with the GATE score one has got. The choices, well, depend upon number of different scenarios so it’s better to explore all the possibilities before making the final decision.

Let’s explore the different situations which will guide you and help you arrive at a verdict:

Are you planning for higher studies, (Phd etc.)?

Higher Degree

If you wish to embark on your journey towards a Phd degree, then I would suggest you not to waste a single second and take admission (for M.Tech) in the college that you get using your GATE score.

The most important thing is to secure a high percentage during your M.Tech. which is important for pursuing the Phd program. It is …

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How heavy is IRCTC's Dynamic Pricing on Your Pocket?

IRCTC Dynamic Pricing

The brand new dynamic billing system seems to be smart move from the railway's point of view which will help IRCTC plug lossess that are coming up from the current passenger ticketing section estimating Rs. 26,000 cr as of Dec 2013. However premium trains such as Rajdhani with beginning prices at over Rs. 2K and 1.5K will cost too much after the dynamic pricing, wouldn't it be better to go for an airline ticket?

Example of ticket prices change from dynamic pricing

Lets see how prices change with the example of a graph. As per the available information, initial 50% tickets are exempted from the dynamic pricing. After that 10% of the remaing seats will be charged 20% extra. The calculations are done keeping no upper limit on the fare prices, this may so happen that IRCTC choses to put upper limit on the final prices.

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