Should I drop a year for GATE?

Whenever one gets low GATE score, a question pops up in mind, whether to drop a year to give it another shot or to apply with the GATE score one has got. The choices, well, depend upon number of different scenarios so it’s better to explore all the possibilities before making the final decision.

Let’s explore the different situations which will guide you and help you arrive at a verdict:

Are you planning for higher studies, (Phd etc.)?

Higher Degree

If you wish to embark on your journey towards a Phd degree, then I would suggest you not to waste a single second and take admission (for M.Tech) in the college that you get using your GATE score.

The most important thing is to secure a high percentage during your M.Tech. which is important for pursuing the Phd program. It is better to identify gaps in knowledge, critically review literature and pose useful research questions during your M.Tech.  You can compromise on the college but can’t compromise on the knowledge required for getting a better university for your Phd because Phd is itself a five year (well almost) journey that needs a 'NEVER GIVE UP' attitude.

Are you burnt-out as a result of studying?

Tired of studying?

You might feel worn-out as a result of studying for four years during your B.Tech program but still would want to go for M.Tech because you are not satisfied with the current job profile. Higher degree from a top universities is certainly a big plus for better job profile. There are cases where students have performed exceedingly well while maintaining a good work study balance. Also there are instances where students took a break from their respective jobs and went to their dream college. Not to mention, failures are there in both the above cases, which makes taking a drop even riskier as one doesn't (umm in many cases) have any fall-back option. In such cases you can spend even one complete year on GATE exam preparation (seems overkill though), given you value every second of the year's time as you are BUYING THAT ONE YEAR FOR YOUR CAREER.

Are you financially sound?

Are you financially sound?

This case majorly concerns with the employed ones. Financial stability is an important factor. If you are financially sound, having no debts to pay, no social responsibilities and wish to get away from a job that lacks enthusiasm or creativity, then you can think of dropping to get admission to a well reputed college for post graduation. Beware, that running away from the job is not a solution, without quitting your job, you may end up in better job only by keeping your preferences straight. Just don't forget to put studies at the top position in the list.

Do you want to start a new business of your own?

There are cases when you would want to go for higher education just for the sake of improving your profile for a business or start-up. Stay warned that managing a boot start-up is not easy task and not less tiring in any ways than your current job (whatever your current job is). IITs provide you with the excellent incubation services and environment needed to give the required initial boost. Also many of the IITs such as IITB, IITK etc. give you lucrative option of getting you placements deferred by two years.

Added advantages don't end here and you get awesome people around to make your dream team for your dream business. Nevertheless if motto is to start business and not higher degree just ensure you have given it a proper thought before taking a year drop.

If you are looking for sophisticated businesses where you believe soft skills play an important role, institute such as NITIE (National Institute of Industrial Engineering). may prove to be the missing piece you were looking for. Not only you get managerial competency (it is worth mentioning NITIE focuses on equipping students with managerial skills, you don't read technical subjects here) but rich network of alumni who are enjoying the top position of best companies in India and abroad. Adding another good news, you have the option of to get your placement deferred by two years and focus on your dream business idea.

Final Verdict

So as you might have guessed, there is no ONE FITS ALL solution to this question. There are different factors that are going to influence your decision on whether you should drop a year for GATE preparation or not. If you feel that you can improve your GATE score by giving yourself a second chance then you may take your chances and drop a year for the preparation. Or you may want to change to a job where work load is manageable and studies can be carried out as required. Ultimately stick to the decision you make as winners do and have faith in yourself.


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