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Keeping in touch is really expensive! You wish you could talk for hours but instead you find excuses to hang up before your phone bill breaks the bank.

Apps which offer cheap calling require internet connectivity and are not as good as phone calls. Well it doesn’t have to be like that because with Ringo you can make high quality calls to a phone located anywhere. No internet or mobile data plans are required.


So lets see how Ringo does it. Ringo assigns a local number for each of your international contacts. When you make a call Ringo automatically converts your international call to a local call into your country. You can call for hours without worrying about expenses of internet or quality of the call. Ringo is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. Download the app from ringo official website and enjoy cheap calls.


You can also use the dingaling website for calling without installing any app. You just have to register on the site, enter the mobile numbers and the country and can talk for 10 mins everyday for free!!


Freekall is a revolutionary service where you can talk to any cell phone or landline for free. The best part is you don’t need an app or internet to free call. Just use freekall and it can work on any phone be it the evergreen Nokia or the latest IPhone 5S.


Bigo is an awesome app for making free calls to any Mobile/Landline in this world!. The best thing about Bigo is the called person isn’t required to have the Bigo app/Internet Connection!.You just need to download from the bigo website and have Bigo App Installed on your device.


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